• Our Mission

    Leading Power & Uplifting China

    Venus Weightlifting's mission is to bring Chinese-style Olympic weightlifting to the masses. We aim to spread training and coaching philosophies developed by the successful and internationally dominant Chinese National Weightlifting Training System to enthusiasts and athletes both domestically and internationally.


    In support of this mission, China Weightlifting Association (CWA), the official sanctioning body for all weightlifting related activities in China, has designated Venus an official partner in promoting and expanding Olympic weightlifting.


    Venus Weightlifting offers education and training in Chinese-style Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, as well as general strength and conditioning training in both group and private settings.


    We also provide workshops directed towards participants of all skill levels and special training programs catered to specific training systems, such as CrossFit, bootcamp and HIIT and others.

  • Online Coaching

    Price: $300.00 / 13 weeks

    This is a beginner program intended for athletes who have recently learned the snatch and clean & jerk or no background with olympic weightlifting, who are ready to learn the Chinese-style olympic weightlifting.


    It is based on Venus Olympic Weightlifting level 1 - handbook.

    This Programming will teach you Chinese style olympic weightlifting from scratch, including strength training like squat, deadlift & shoulder press; Power training including snatch and C&J; and also all kinds of assisted training.


    The program includes Coaching, warm up, mobility, skill drill, training and also assisted training.


    ‘Since I founded the first weightlifting club in China, I have been exploring how to deliver the secrets and training methods of Chinese weightlifting to everyone in an efficient and safe way.

    Venus Weightlifting Online Programming Level - 1 has everything about my coaching style - Not only knowing how to do it, but also knowing why To do it, not only know how the movement itself, but also know how to do it in a pain-free healthy way. I believe that the only way leads to a healthy and sustainable path. '


    -Gaby, Founder of Venus Weightlifting






    • Coaching videos explaining the movement and skills
    • Videos of explanation of each day’s training
    • Videos of warm-up & mobility
    • 3 sessions per week, each training session may lasts from 90mins -120 mins according to your fitness & energy level
    • Must use Thinkfic to watch the coaching videos and get the training program PDFs
    • Program Training
    • Assignment with required shooting angles of movements
    • 3 times ONE-TO-ONE review of assignment


    Who is the Course for?

    • Lifters
    • Olympic weightlifting lovers
    • Cfers
    • Personal trainers
    • Sports Coaches


    What does this course transfer you into?

    • From scratch to know basic knowledge about Chinese-style Olympic weightlifting
    • Knowing why we train in Venus style and why it’s more healthier for a human body
    • Expand the cognition about using your own body in a healthy and pain-free way




    There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • CLUB Classes and Courses

    If you are in Shanghai. why don't you come to lift with us...

    Barbell Basic

    One-hour class. For beginners and new lifters.

    Focus on learning basic weightlifting positions with standard form and technique.

    Barbell Performance

    One-hour class. For intermediate and advanced lifters.

    Beginners who completed at least 3 Barbell Basic classes are also welcome. Focus on developing strength, power and technique.

    Powerlifting Course

    One-hour class. For all levels.

    Improve strength and raise your max lifts with Powerlifting training, translate performance into weightlifting.

    Gymnastic Course

    One-hour class. For all levels.

    Focus on basic Gymnastic movement, and improve sport coordination.

    Team Mars Training

    Designated training sessions for Venus' own weightlifting Team Mars weightlifting team. For Team Members only. Apply to join.

    Master Coach Series

    We invite senior coaches with professional athlete background and more than 15 years of coaching experience to help you better improve.

    Remote Online Coaching

    Daily one-to-one online coaching

    299 USD for 13 weeks

    Book Now in the Online Coaching section below.

    Certification Courses

    We hold different levels of Olympic weightlifting certification courses as well as tests for certification of Olympic weightlifting Coach.

  • Our Team

    Gaby Q


    Head Coach

    One of the most renowned Olympic Weightlifting coaches in China

    Trained in Olympic Weightlifting with the National Weightlifting Team

    Creator of the Venus Weightlifting System

  • Yu

    Olympic Weightlifting Coach

    Former Professional Weightlifting Athlete

    4 time consecutive Jiangsu Provincial Champion

    Jinkai Cao

    Powerlifting Coach

    Current GPA 67.5 Kg Class Deadlift & Total World Record Holder

    Jim Jiang

    Gymnastics Coach

    Former Professional Gymnastics Athlete

    Current Gymnastics coach within the Chinese national training system

    Nathan Plageman

    Marketing Manager

    Writer, Teacher, and Weightlifting Enthusiast

    Team MARS Member

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    上海市 徐家汇 零陵路 751号 B1
    B1, Building1, No 751 Lingling Rd, Xujiahui, Shanghai