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Can't Read Your Judging Face

To 2017 Venus Weightlifting Cup Judge Team

-Can’t read my, can’t read my, can’t read my judging face.

(I’ve got to judge everybody)

The Venus Weightlifting Competitions would never happen without volunteer judges.

About the Judging Team in VWC

They were strict by the rules.

They treated athletes with all their attention.

They have to concentrate very hard and not let their mind wander

- they have to be in the moment.

Different judges notice different strengths and weaknesses in a performance.

They were the closest company through your win or lose.

They gave you the first hug when it all ends.

They were too, enjoyed competition as everyone else.

But for most of the time, they withstanding great pressure.

They didn't have time enjoying the scene, since they were busying in playing the important roles as part of the competition.

Judging Team of VWC


The Venus Weightlifting Cup would never happen without volunteer judges.

thousands of thanks are not enough to show our gratitude.

We really appreciate every bit of their effort in the competition.


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