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Gaby举重小课堂 | No.5 发力点位的翻铃 Clean from launch position

上次我们讲了发力点位的抓举,这次我们来讲翻铃,想特别强调的是肩部的柔韧性和关节活动度,没有灵活的小肩膀,是很难做好翻铃动作的哦,这就开始吧。 | In this class, I'll be talking about the clean from the launch point, and pay attention to your shoudler flexibily and mobility, if you don't have them, if very unlikely that you can have a good clean lift!

要点1:自重动作 | Bodyweight Movements

发力 | Triple Extension

Gaby举重小课堂 | 第一课 A Game of Inches.(咫尺游戏)——温故而知新

耸肩提肘 | Shrug & Elbows Up


draw a circle with your elbows,centred with shoulders.

直到肘与地面平行 until your elbows papralleled to the floor.

双肘之间角度为120度,肘打开才能运用胸腔的力量 the angle of the elbows should be 120 degree.

错误做法 | Don’t do:

杠铃为轴心,手腕为半径去翻腕,极容易伤腕。施主,你不怕受伤,我看着你我疼。Draw a circle with your wrists, centred with bars.

手掌朝上 | Palm facing the ceiling

略为耸肩 | shrug a little bit to create the rack position.

要点二:拿到杠铃之后 | when you have a bar

锁握 | Grip

Gaby举重小课堂 | No.3 不用锁握的奥举都是耍流氓 Hookgrip——温故而知新

握距 | Width of hands

双手自然垂落 | lay down your arms naturally

双手置于大腿外侧一个半大拇指的距离 | hands one thumb and half away from the outside of your thigh

要点三:架上位 | Rack position

4点触碰 | four-point touching rule

手肘向上平行于地面 | elbows parallel to the floor

杠铃在手掌前侧或者手指勾住杠铃 | the bar can lie on the top of the palm or use your fingers to hook it

胸腔饱满有力 | chest up and be powerful

要点四:前蹲 | Front Squat

下巴微抬 | Chin up

腰背收紧 | back straight and tight

手肘抬起(但是手要放松啊,不要死死抓住杠铃不放)| Elbows up

沿着中立位直上直下 | squat down and up in a straight line.

下蹲要稳要慢,不要急。squat down slow and steady.

要点五:翻铃 | Clean


Roll up to the bodyweight movement to review. catch the bar from a high position gradually to a full squat position.​

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