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 Inspiring Volunteer Stories at the VWC

There a bunch of people are always there for everyone at the VWC,

They maybe not in the spotlight,

They were probably not your heroes,

But they are the most indispensable part of every single competition.

Now, let’s hear their own stories...


I know Gaby for many years, and bear witness to her years in weightlifting from merely a hobby to a sport that so many people love here in China. I’ve been touched by her spirit and end naturally joined the volunteers, Even I was such a novice in terms of sport, but I love weightlifting and want to support the Venus Weightlifting Cup by all means.

I would like to say thank you to the old pals that I met in the VWC and also I strongly recommend it to you, you’ll find real friendship and life’s meaning at the scene.


An old friend of VWC.


Gaby and all the fun staff at VWC are so great and I wanted to help them out and see all the atheltes. VW Cup was an awesome event. The energy in the gym was great and it made me want to train harder and compete next time.


From Canada, a lacrosse passionate


Only after you have been to the competition you can have the most direct feeling about the sportsmanship. Although it feels wearying at some time but if you witness all the athletes and audience enjoyed your service, then everything just deserves it. It’s quite impressive that the Venus Weightlifting Cup can bring together the lifters up and down the country.


Fanatic about exercise.


I came straight from the airport to the VWC competition last time and thanks for VWC I’ve found my new career, new friends and new families here in Shanghai.

——Qisen Luo

A lifter from Guilin.


Although at the first volunteering meeting I was a bit nervous, But I’ve met so many super nice and enthusiastic friends, it made everyone at the competition a big family from different places.


a photographer.


Every volunteer love the Venus Weightlifting Cup, it full of passion and it gives you a ritual feeling. It’s a mass carnival here and real hard to see from the daily life. Best wishes to the VWC!

——Li Li

a PE teacher from college.


I met so many great people from all walks of life at the VWC and it made me feel great as well. Organising a competition is very difficult, it needs lots of people’s effort and many aspects to be perfect atthe same time.

So Here I’d like to say thank you to the VWC to allow me have a such great opportunity in my life.

——Ares Wang

PT trainer, love self-reflection.


I came to join VWC was because I wanna open a gym myself and I wanna learn experience from it, and know many more friends. And the result is just like what I’ve expected, I have made lots of friends now, and I’ve got experience for operating my new gym.


Spicy mom.


Venus Weightlifting is the partner of our gym. So whenI have got the chance to meet Gaby, I was surprised that how beautiful a girl can be when she lifts some weight. I wanted to compete myself, but joining Volunteers team is another way to know it first.


Strong leadership.

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