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Six Key Words of the Venus Weightlifting Cup

There are six words help us to look back to our competition history. How do we become who we are today?

Venus Weightlifting Cup 2016

Key words : First

On 20 AUG 2016, Venus Weightlifting Cup, this was the first time an amateur Olympic Weightlifting competition held in China, we’ve received a great number of attention and arouse the awareness of weightlifting up and down the country.

Venus Weightlifting Cup 2017

Key words : Uplift China

On 1 JUL, Venus Weightlifting Cup set the theme as ‘Uplift China’ for the will that we want to gather every lifter’s strength and power to do something for our friends, our families, and the whole country.

The Venus Weightlifting Cup - Invitational with adidas

Key words: athlete spirit

On 2 JUL, We brought Venus Weightlifting Cup to the centre of fashion, Taiping lake, Xintiandi, to give a weightlifting competition a touch of fashion, but still we lifted 175KG above the Taiping Lake, and was the high light of the adidas summer campaign.

The Venus Weightlifting League

Key words: return to classic

For the last two months of 2017, we went to eight major cities across the country and showed people what was a real Olympic weightlifting competition like. It gained considerable popularity and every athlete presented their courage and spirit.

The Venus Weightlifting Cup - Junior

Key words: the next generation

We’ve hold a Junior competition successfully for 174 students from Jing An district in Shanghai, in this competition, we tried to make everything suitable and fun for Kids.

The Venus Weightlifting League - All Star

Key words : neo classic

In the first day we’ll have Olympic-style three attempts of snatch and C & J each. And the second day, we’ll keep in secret first, since we really want to bring you something different.

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