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Venus Weightlifting Club brings the class to CrossFit Starfire Shenzhen

This time, On 20th, Jan, 2016(Wed), we’ve been honoured that CrossFit Starfire invited us to bring the ‘duck walk’ to Shenzhen, try to give the crossfitters an opportunity to discover the secret of Chinese-style Olympic weightlifting. (Exclusive to members of CrossFit Starfire.)

这次,我们受CrossFit Starfire邀请,将鸭子步带到深圳。为星火的cf小马达们讲授中式举重中最重要的理念,最专项的核心激活动作,同时也会对照中美举重中的不同之处,给大家来一次不一样举重学习经历。 (本次活动仅针对星火会员,敬请谅解。)

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