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13-Week Chinese Weightlifting Program

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5-Day Shoulder RESET

Know Everything about Shoulder Pain and Get Rid of It For Good! 

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5-Day "ASS-TO-GRASS" Challenge

Get Free from Limited Range of Motion Affecting Training!



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Check Out What Our Members Share about Gaby's Coaching

"Been implementing the ATG exercises for a little while now, and I feel my hip mobility opening a lot more."

- Elijah A

"Gym buddies are amazed by my technique. It's crazy I've made so much progress in just a few days. The training is awesome and I'm super excited for the next one. Lifting Heavy feels good!"

- Xiao H

"Following Gaby's coaching has finally helped me organize everything in my training."

- Alin K

"Would 100% recommend Gaby's coaching after going through it. I was today years old when I learned how to rebuild my squat and lifts. She successfully pointed out what was causing all my back pain in my lifts. LOVE the wellness-based approach to lifting for longevity and seeing how this translates to performance as well.

- Cassie L

"I was slow on the turnover and my right wrist was in a little pain after. Usually I would stretch it back and forth, but I tried a little of what you taught in the videos and it stopped hurting immediately! Amazing! Thank you!!"

- Coco C

"Always informative and practical tips. I'm grateful more than words. Gonna follow your coaching all the way."

- Alin K

"I feel much better physically. The pain in my left hand and shoulder had decreased a lot. I feel more comfortable and fluid when I snatch and clean. Thank you for your EXCELLENT work!"

- Omar A

"I was slow on the turnover and my right wrist was in a little pain after. Usually I would stretch it back and forth, but I tried a little of what you taught in the videos and it stopped hurting immediately! Amazing! Thank you!!"

- Coco C

"I started with the Platinum Remote 1-on-1 and was able to break a long plateau in my lifting! I love how Gabby gives very precise cues and guidance after observing my lifts, and was surprised by the amount of resources that they have. Watching the online webinars and other explanatory videos not only guided me through my training, but helped me understand how I could lift better. I enjoyed being coached by someone as knowledgeable and innovative as Gabby!"

- Cassandra L

"I was surprised how much difference I felt after the BAT! My right knee felt kind of strained when I did air squats, but now it's much better. After BAT I was not shifting side to side like I used to do. Excited to notice some changes already!"

- Alaina A

"I had an old injury in my left shoulder, and it had always bothered me during training. No physio or chiropractor was able to resolve my issue. I didn't expect an online program could help, but Gaby did!! I get impressed that BAT has been making difference since day one. I will definitely keep on with BAT."

- John G

"Never had a so deep explanation of a mechanic of the push press... I'm impressed and always learning so much from your feedback also from the coaching prospective. I feel the connection between my upper and lower body, when I push the floor I felt my body moving as a single unit now. Looking forward to keep improving. Thank you so much for your help !"

- Matteo B


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About Coach Gaby

As one of the most renowned Olympic Weightlifting coaches in China, Gaby founded Venus Weightlifting Club in 2015 as the first Olympic Weightlifting gym in China, and developed the VWC Coaching as well as Body Alignment Training (BAT) systems that have helped thousands of lifters improve their performance and technique.

Now, Coach Gaby is ready to share her expertise with you, wherever you are in the world! Whether you have a home gym, a local gym, or just a couch, you can access her online coaching program and learn from her videos, feedback, and tips. All you need is an internet connection and a passion for lifting. Join Coach Gaby today and take your weightlifting to the next level!