Unlock the Power of Chinese Weightlifting WITH OLYMPIC CHAMPION-BACKED PROGRAM!

Train with Techniques Endorsed by Olympic Champions! Transform your strength, master elite lifting methods, and elevate your athletic performance in just 21 days! 

Deng Wei

Deng Wei is a Chinese retired weightlifter. She is an Olympic Champion, five-time World Champion and Asian Champion. She competed in the 58 kg and 63 kg categories until 2018 and 64 kg starting in 2018 after the International Weightlifting Federation reorganized the categories. She achieved Olympic and World Weightlifting dominance, matching records and outlifting competitors by significant margins.



Step into the world of elite athletes with our comprehensive 21-day journey. With each video, you'll walk alongside coach and pro athletes, absorbing the high-performance techniques that have propelled Chinese weightlifters to the global stage. Start lifting smarter, not harder, and see the difference in your performance from day one.

This program is perfect for anyone wanting to improve or learn the right way to lift. It's your chance to train like the best.

  • 4 Sessions Per Week
  • Warm-up & Accessories Included
  • Detailed Tutorial Videos
  • No Guesswork On Technical Details
  • Worth Your Time & Efforts
  • Fit Into Your Current Routine
  • No Guesswork On Technical Details
  • Worth Your Time & Efforts
  • Fit Into Your Current Routine


  • Chinese Weightlifting Program($109)
  • Daily Technique Coaching Videos ($127)
  • Body alignment training plan ($97)
  • 3 exclusive coaching webinars ($75)
  • E-book - the biggest secret of chinese weightlifting ($35)



ONLY $29.99


Chinese Weightlifting Program

(VALUE $109)

  • ​4 Sessions/week, 12 sessions in total.
  • Full Training Session: including warmup, activation, accessory trainings and cooldown
  • Movement demos available.

Daily Coaching breakdowns

(VALUE $127)

  • ​Start with the fundamentals of strength training and progress to full movements
  • ​Designed to be beginner-friendly
  • Also incorporates accessory training such as Panda Pull, Jerk Recovery for experienced lifters.

Body Alignment Training

(VALUE $97)

  • ​​A groundbreaking approach that redefines what's possible in physical well-being. Blending age-old wisdom from Chinese Medicine and Taoism with the precision and power of Chinese martial arts.
  • ​​1 Session/week, 3 series in total
  • Begin with foundational breathing exercises, enhance your hip mobility, and elevate your athletic performance by​ elastic energy training.​
  • Coaching video for each movement.

Additional Coaching Webinars

(VALUE $75)

  • ​​Deep-Dive Webinars: Uncover Advanced Strategies and Insider Secrets to Amplify Your Results and Dominate the Platform
  • ​You'll grasp the intricacies of lower body alignment in movements, learn how to effectively engage your core for improved force transmission, and uncover the key reasons behind having substantial strength without being able to convert it into maximum power.

Ebook: The Biggest Secret Of Chinese Weightlifting

(VALUE $35)

  • ​​Although you may have watched countless Chinese weightlifting videos online to the point that you can close your eyes and visualize these impeccable movements in your head, you may still be wondering why despite your greatest efforts, you are not able to replicate them yourself.
  • ​​​In this Ebook, you will discover the true secret behind Chinese weightlifting- examining the technical and physical aspects of this sport.



ONLY $29.99

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your Success, Guaranteed: If you don't see any improvement after following our program, we promise A FULL REFUND!!

Feeling challenged in your weightlifting journey and finding it too difficult?

Explore testimonials from our global clients. Our distinctive coaching methods make weightlifting accessible for everyone, even if you have zero experience.

Hear from Athletes Who Have Transformed Their Performance!

I enjoyed being coached by someone as knowledgeable and innovative as Gaby!

I started with the Platinum Membership with Venus Weightlifting and was able to break a long plateau in my lifting! I love how Gabby gives very precise cues and guidance after observing my lifts, and was surprised by the amount of resources that they have. Watching the online webinars and other explanatory videos not only helped guide me through my training, but helped me to understand how I could lift better. I enjoyed being coached by someone as knowledgeable and innovative as Gaby!

Cass L - CrossFitter

Cass L - CrossFitter

My knees are most of the times pain free

My right Ankle seems to getting better since I'm doing the BAT of last week, I combine that with the inner thighs work and the internal rotation one and everything seems to work just great.
My shoulders and chest start to get more mobile and I can get into a much more comfortable position on the squat. My knees are most of the times pain free just when I jump a lot I have 1/10 of pain on my patella but 0 pain on my MCL. I
'm so grateful I would like to hug you hahahaha.

Matteo B - CrossFit Coach

Matteo B - CrossFit Coach

My favorite part is that the pain I used to experience during and after workouts is gone

I had been lifting for about 5 years before joining the Venus Platinum community. Learning from Gaby has significantly increased my body awareness and understanding of the connection between my body alignment and lifting movement. I continue to be amazed by Gaby’s coaching eye that identifies my specific weaknesses, and then the thoughtfulness and creativeness of the exercises provided to address my needs. A lot of these exercises actually have nothing to do with a barbell, but the effect on my lifting technique has been dramatic!

Alaina A - Weightlifter

Alaina A - Weightlifter



ONLY $29.99

Gym buddies are amazed by my technique.

It's crazy I've made so much progress in just a few days. The training is awesome and I'm super excited for the next one.

Xiao H.

Xiao H.

I felt way much better after just 2 weeks

I went to chiropractor as I usually do. He said Jenn Your neck and mid back is better than normal this week. Best I seen in years.

Jenn P.

Jenn P.

Amazing! Thank you!!

I was slow on the turnover and my right wrist was in a little pain after. Usually I would stretch it back and forth, but I tried a little of what you taught in the videos and it stopped hurting immediately!

Coco C.

Coco C.



ONLY $29.99


Gaby QU

Gaby QU

Gaby Qu is the founder of Venus Weightlifting Club and Body Align Training, harboring a passion for Olympic weightlifting and a dedication to aiding others excel in the sport. In her club, she focuses on enhancing individuals' weightlifting skills and fostering personal growth. Through Body Align Training, Gaby customizes programs to ensure participants train safely and avoid injuries. Gaby's primary aim is to support athletes in achieving their peak performance, ensuring they remain both physically healthy and mentally positive.

What Other Weightlifters Are Saying About Us

PR Snatch Today!

I did a session of full snatching and CNJ at around 75-105% today. And I felt 0 pain on my knees and PRed my lifts. It just happened!

Brenda E.


In the workout there’s a warm up Gaby specifically designed, which I love.

Kaylor K.

Super helpful!

Thank you for putting this material together! It was super helpful to know how to adjust for optimal lift. :)

Gloria L.


Q: Is this program suitable for absolute beginners in weightlifting?

A: Absolutely! Our 21-day Olympic weightlifting program is designed with beginners in mind. We start with fundamental techniques and gradually progress to more advanced movements, ensuring a safe and effective learning experience for newcomers to the sport.

Q: What equipment do I need to participate in the program?

A: You'll need basic weightlifting equipment such as a barbell, weight plates, and a sturdy pair of weightlifting shoes (optional). Additionally, having access to a squat rack and a platform or designated lifting area is ideal.

Q: How much time per day should I dedicate to the program?

A: Our program is designed to accommodate busy schedules. On average, you'll need to dedicate approximately 60 to 90 minutes per session, including warm-up and cool-down exercises. With just three weeks of commitment, you'll see significant improvements in your strength, technique, and overall fitness level.

Q: I'm a CrossFitter with basic knowledge of Olympic weightlifting movements. Will this program help me refine my technique and improve my performance in CrossFit workouts?

A: Absolutely! Our 21-day Olympic weightlifting program is perfect for CrossFitters like yourself who want to enhance their technique and proficiency in lifts such as the snatch and clean and jerk. We focus on refining your movement patterns, optimizing efficiency, and increasing your strength and power output—all of which are essential for excelling in CrossFit workouts that involve weightlifting movements. Whether you're aiming to compete or simply improve your performance in CrossFit WODs, this program will provide you with the tools and guidance needed to take your skills to the next level.

Q: What results can I expect after completing the 21-day program?

A: By diligently following our program, you can expect to see improvements in your strength, technique, and confidence in Olympic weightlifting. Many of our participants report noticeable gains in lifting techniques, increased power output, and enhanced mobility. Additionally, you'll acquire valuable skills and knowledge that will serve as a solid foundation for your ongoing weightlifting journey.

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