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Hi Everyone, and welcome to the Venus Weightlifting Club!

Venus Weightlifting Club (VWC) was founded by Coach Gaby in 2015 as the first Olympic Weightlifting gym in China. Since then, Coach Gaby has established Venus Weightlifting Club as the premiere lifting club in China, teaching local athletes the best in Chinese techniques for Olympic Weightlifting.

We have been working hard to make VWC a place for all weightlifters around the world. This means better access to Coach Gaby through our social media platforms and website, and the growing crew here at VWC, but also better and more accessible content across social platforms.

Our Mission

Share Chinese Weightlifting with the World

We are on a mission… to help everyone improve their weightlifting performance through Chinese weightlifting techniques!

We want to ensure that athletes of all levels around the world are able to enjoy the sport we all love and cherish so much. We also want to ensure that everyone can do this pain-free and reach new heights in their weightlifting lifespan.

You can now get access to Chinese Olympic Weightlifting coaching from anywhere in the world!

Now, Coach Gaby is bringing Venus Weightlifting to the rest of the world! You can now benefit from Coach Gaby's teachings without being in Shanghai, China. You can bring Coach Gaby with you to your home gym, your local gym, or simply learn while sitting on the couch - so long as you have an internet connection, you can begin to improve your technique with Coach Gaby!

Join Us on Our Journey!

As we grow our community and platform, we want to be able to bring you the best in knowledge and training to help you become the best athlete you can be.

Sign up for these resources here. You can also get the latest news when you follow us on our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels. Follow us from anywhere in the world!

Stay tuned for more news and benefits, exclusively for our members!

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Address: B1, Building 1, No 751, Lingling Road, Xu Hui District, Shanghai, China

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Our Address

B1, Building 1,
No 751, Lingling Road,
Xu Hui District, Shanghai, China

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