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4 Exercises Chinese Weightlifters do to podium at the Olympics

Friday, October 27, 2023

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If you’ve been interested in the sport of weightlifting as a weightlifter yourself, or simply as a fan of the sport, then you would have seen clips of Chinese Weightlifters on social media.

While their success is often attributed to genetics and rigorous training, there are a few lesser-known exercises that they have in their training arsenal, which keep their body primed for competition.

These are the four secret exercises that Chinese weightlifters use to elevate their strength and technique:

#1: Lu Raises

aka LUXIAOJUN Raises, LXJ Raises

This exercise focuses on achieving full control over shoulder upward rotation, aiding in improving the scapulohumeral rhythm.

This exercise is focused on achieving full control over shoulder upward rotation, aiding in improving scapulohumeral rhythm. The Chinese Olympic weightlifting team uses it as a warm-up and maintenance exercise to keep their shoulders strong and healthy. It is an amazing exercise for scapular stability as well as the rotator cuff.

#2: Elbow High Pull

The emphasis here is on developing the pulling strength of the upper body.

The elbow high-pull is an exercise for training strength, speed, power, posture and balance in the extension of the snatch in the same way the snatch pull does, but with the added training of the mechanics and strength of the arms that will be used in the third pull, and the timing of the transition between the effort of the lower and upper body. Because of the continued upward pull to maximal height, the clean high-pull also helps reinforce a more aggressive, complete and vertically-oriented extension.

#3: Narrow-Grip Sumo Deadlift

aka Sumo Deadlift

The Narrow-Grip Sumo Deadlift emphasizes maintaining an upright chest position while minimizing arm involvement during the lift. It is an excellent accessory movement to work on the glutes because the torso is less taxed due to its more upright position. This means you have to rely more on your glutes instead of your back to maintain position.

#4: Jerk Dip

The Jerk Dip is intended to strengthen the bottom of the dip and train the legs to absorb the downward force in order to better transition and drive from the bottom of the dip in the jerk. The main focus is on aligning the body along the line of gravity, while also developing core strength, especially in the chest-pelvis alignment, crucial for supporting heavy weights.

Incorporating these exercises into your weightlifting routine can help you develop strength, technique, and overall performance. Join our online programmes to find out how you can add our new exercises to your routine to make sure you are performing them correctly and injury-free.

Train healthy, and build the strength you need to lift to your fullest potential.

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