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What is The Best Body Type for Olympic Weightlifting?

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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Do you often wonder if there's an ideal body type for dominating the sport of Olympic Weightlifting?

It is true that gifted athletes often possess genetic advantages in specific sports. Tall individuals excel in basketball or volleyball, for instance. In Olympic Weightlifting circles, you may frequently hear that a short femur length and a long torso are the perfect body proportions for achieving success.

But what about those who don't naturally possess these characteristics yet still aspire to enjoy the sport? After all, those with the perfect proportions are already competing in the highest level of their respective sports.

Then what of the regular office worker who simply thought that weightlifting was impressive and aspired to do the same?

Source: Samantha Lee, Business Insider

While it's undeniable that elite athletes generally exhibit these physical archetypes, there's good news for those who aren't naturally inclined. Even as adults, we can acquire certain "gifts" to enhance our performance. Although we can't alter the length of our femur or our overall body proportions, we can take steps to adapt and optimize our body for weightlifting.

For instance, in Olympic Weightlifting, we can concentrate on increasing hip mobility and developing better control over the movement, which enables us to achieve deeper squats. While we can't change the basic shape of our trunk, we can make conscious adjustments to align our chest and pelvis effectively. By strengthening our core, we enhance our efficiency in movement and can squat deeper while handling heavier weights. Additionally, focusing on shoulder mobility can help us train safely without concerns about shoulder impingement.

Consider that most of us aren't training with the specific goal of competing for an Olympic medal. Instead, we choose to train because we have a passion for it. Learning how to lift weights can be empowering. However, it can also be disheartening when others say that your body type isn't suited for lifting.

So when someone asks you “is my body type suitable for weightlifting”, rather than offering the typical answer “it depends”, an assessment of your baseline is important.

At Venus Weightlifting, we believe in training to achieve longevity and injury-free performance. We understand that each individual's greatest asset is their body itself. By moving as a functioning whole, and by leveraging our unique strengths, we can reach our goals and truly enjoy our training journey.

If you've recently discovered Olympic Weightlifting and find yourself wondering if it's too late to start or if your body is suitable for the sport, book an initial assessment with us (

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