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A Journey from Knee Replacement to Podium Triumph in Just 6 Months

Thursday, February 08, 2024

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My name is Jenn Powers, and I want to share my incredible journey from injury, illness, and a seemingly hopeless situation to a life filled with hope, all thanks to meeting Gaby through Venus Weightlifting. In the past decade, I have undergone multiple hospital visits, countless tests, and taken endless medications for my various health issues. It felt like a never-ending battle that started in my late 20s, where every part of my body and mind hurt.

My Journey with Health and Fitness

At one point, I was on over 13 medications, but I knew I needed to take control of my health to help my doctors help me. The road to healing was full of tears, hard work, and failures. I was forced to retire due to my health issues and in that period of time, had to deal with numerous personal tragedies. I reached a breaking point when I weighed over 325 pounds and was sick and tired of the seemingly endless issues.

Despite all these setbacks, I refused to give up. I knew that my health was in my own hands and got started on a fitness regime – that was when I started going to the gym. When I started, I was only able to manage five minutes on the treadmill. Little did I know that I was embarking on a fitness journey that would change my life.

My athletic journey led me to a CrossFit community, where I was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting. I instantly became hooked! However, during my journey, I faced some setbacks, including shoulder surgery, but I was determined to overcome them. I found several exceptional weightlifting coaches and learned from their wealth of knowledge and experience. However, it wasn't until I had knee surgery that I realized I needed to dive deeper and find comprehensive solutions for my health and recovery.

I thought a total knee replacement would be the ultimate solution, but I soon discovered that repairing the joint alone was not enough. I needed more than just a physical repair. I had to rewire everything I thought I knew of my body and how it was affecting my mental state.

Discovering Venus Weightlifting

This realization led me to explore alternative approaches to healthcare. I delved into practices like yoga and breathwork, and it was during this search that I came across Gaby, an incredible weightlifting coach who taught weightlifting based on Body Alignment Training (BAT) principles, which she had spent time honing and developing.

Gaby's approach was refreshingly simple yet passionate. She not only understood the human body as a whole, but also understood the power of body alignment and its impact on overall health. Working with Gaby has been life-changing for me. She has helped alleviate various pains that I have, and I know that her insight into body alignment will make me stronger. It's incredible to think that her own experiences with pain and trauma have led her to contribute to my healing journey.

Through Gaby's personalized assessments and body alignment plans, I began to understand the human body in ways I had never thought possible. This approach, combined with functional medicine principles, has completely transformed my perspective on healthcare. Gaby's expertise and holistic approach not only helped me physically but also improved my anxious nervous system. I learned that healing must come before pushing oneself to the limit, and that success is not solely about lifting more weight but about healing and nurturing ourselves.

My journey hasn't been easy. Filled with surgeries, depression, and setbacks, but I remained determined. Gaby's guidance and teachings have been invaluable in my recovery. Every step of the way, I have looked at the problem backwards, challenged my beliefs, and started from the ground up to find the answers I needed.

As I recover from my total knee replacement surgery, people have marveled at my progress in just six months. However, I cannot take all the credit. My loved ones, the medical team, physical therapy, great coaches, organic food, recovery modalities, and the incredible athletes I have crossed paths with have all played a significant role in my healing journey. And of course, I am immensely grateful for mastermind Gaby and the lessons she has taught me. I am determined to share my story and be a part of the revolution in healthcare, breaking barriers and helping others.

Understanding the human body through body alignment and functional medicine has made me a more well-rounded human and athlete. By looking at the problem from a different perspective, starting from scratch, and constantly seeking answers, I have grown both physically and mentally. I am proof that we have the power to change and heal ourselves. My confidence in the gym has been restored, and I am okay with taking it slow and rebuilding the foundation. The journey has not only taught me to persevere but has also shown me the incredible resilience and superhuman powers we possess.

Helping Others Just Like Me

I hope to be able to help more people like myself see that there is not only one approach to healthcare, and to address whatever help they need head-on.

This year, I am determined to help others, spreading the incredible knowledge and lessons I have learned from mastermind Gaby through a movement I call “WOLFBACK”, where people all around the world can train together in a virtual training hall. Through this, I also hope to share how Body Alignment Training can help others become better athletes, just as how BAT has given me the space to grow and evolve, both physically and mentally.

I urge everyone going through a similar situation as me to ask themselves “why can’t I”? There’s always a multitude of ways to approach a problem, we just need to persist to look for that solution!

Our bodies and minds are incredibly powerful, and we have the ability to transform ourselves. Let's break barriers, inspire others, and unlock the full potential of our mind, body, and soul. Together, we can create a revolution in health and well-being.

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Greetings! I'm Gaby, Head Coach of Venus Weightlifting club, the first of its kind in China. Curious how weightlifting can advance without exhaustive efforts and stiff bodies? I've unraveled this secret by integrating Chinese medical training and my innovative BAT (Body Alignment Training), catapulting thousands to their personal bests.
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