Looking to learn the world's leading Olympic Weightlifting techniques? Follow Coach Gaby as she leads you through a 21-day program designed to provide the foundations of Chinese Weightlifting used by Olympic and World Champions.


Worry About Your Mobility?

We Provide Whole SHOULDER & HIP Mobility Routine Inside


Detailed Tutorial Videos

No Guesswork On Technical Details

Worth Your Time & Efforts

4 Sessions Per Week

Warm-up & Accessories Included

Detailed Tutorial Videos

No Guesswork On Technical Details

Worth Your Time & Efforts

Fit Into Your Current Routine


You Will Get

12 Sessions Chinese Weightlifting Program

Including Warm up, Activation and Accessory Trainings


Daily Technique Coaching Video

Detailed Coaching Videos On Each Training Sessions

$127 (Value)

3 Series of Body Alignment Training

Improve your mobility and elastic energy through Body Alignment Training

$97 (Value)

Bonus Coaching Videos

How To Squat Jerk Like LUXIAOJUN

$37 (Value)

Ultimate Shoulder Mobility Routine

Help you easily lift your arm above head

$37 (Value)

Ultimate Hip Mobility Routine

Reach Ass-To-Grass Squat

$37 (Value)

Ebook: The Biggest Secret of Chinese Weightlifting

Unlock The Secret Of the Elite Athletes

$35 (Value)

What Other Weightlifters are saying about us

"Gym buddies are amazed by my technique."

It's crazy I've made so much progress in just a few days. The training is awesome and I'm super excited for the next one.

- Xiao H

"Would 100% recommend Gaby's coaching after going through it."

I was today years old when I learned how to rebuild my squat and lifts. She successfully pointed out what was causing all my back pain in my lifts. LOVE the wellness-based approach to lifting for longevity and seeing how this translates to performance as well.
Training dump from the week.

- Cassandra L

"Amazing! Thank you!!"

I was slow on the turnover and my right wrist was in a little pain after. Usually I would stretch it back and forth, but I tried a little of what you taught in the videos and it stopped hurting immediately!

- Coco C

"PR Snatch Today!"

I did a session of full snatching and CNJ at around 75-105% today. It just happened!

- Jason Z


In the workout there’s a warm up Gaby specifically designed, which I love.

- Taylor K

"Super helpful!"

Thank you for putting this material together! It was super helpful to know how to adjust for optimal lift. :)

- Gloria L