Learn Chinese Olympic Weightlifting

13-week program is designed based on our years of coaching experience for people to learn Chinese Olympic Weightlifting from the scratch.
Learn Chinese Olympic Weightlifting

Hello everyone!

Olympic Weightlifting is not easy for people to learn at the beginning, and through years of coaching experiences, we have discovered that the best way is to deconstruct the movement into the most fundamental elements. This allows the athlete to reflect and improve on their own lifting even when they are an experienced lifter.

Based on this idea, we started to design this 13-week program. In the end, you are not just getting programs & demos (what to do), you will also get the most important parts, the why & how every week in the coaching videos. And thats simply the key to make sure that you lift with a full understanding of the movements. When evaluating mistakes in a lift, you can always revert back to our 'BCDR' model, and you will always be able to find the root of the problem and solve it so you may lift heavier & walk a bit further.

This program is for everyone, no matter what experience level you may be - a beginner, an experienced competitive lifter, and coaches can all benefit from this program. I do hope you could enjoy learning and training with us on this journey! - Coach Gaby

13-WEEK PROGRAM STRUCTURE (click to expand)

WEEK 1 - Foundational Mechanics & Strength Training in Olympic Weightlifting
WEEK 2 - Lifts from Launch Point
WEEK 3 - Lifts from Mid-Thigh & Full Movements
WEEK 4 – Pace Rhythm
WEEK 5 – Pulling from the Ground
WEEK 6 – Perfecting the Catching Position
WEEK 7 – 3-Position Movements
WEEK 8 – Full Movements from Floor
WEEK 9 – Pin Movement
WEEK 10 – Split Jerk Mastery
WEEK 11 – Heavy Loads
WEEK 12 – Refining Technique
WEEK 13 – Testing Week (Enjoy your new PRs!)

Venus Olympic Weightlifting Online Program
Looking to learn the world’s leading Olympic Weightlifting techniques? Follow Coach Gaby as she leads you through a 13-week program designed to provide the foundations of Chinese Weightlifting.
Program Delivery is through ThinkFic*

*The same program is also available on TrainHeroic, if you are already a TrainHeroic user.

13-Week Chinese Weightlifting Program Description

A message from Olympic Champion and 3x World Record Holder - Deng Wei.

Looking to learn the world's leading Olympic Weightlifting techniques? Follow Coach Gaby as she leads you through a 13-week program designed to provide the foundations of Chinese Weightlifting used by Olympic and World Champions.

Featuring guest appearances by Olympic Gold Medalist and 3x World Record Holder - Deng Wei.

Learn proper form of Chinese weightlifting techniques, programming structure, extensive skill drilling, and mobility work to enable you to crush PR's and set your sights on greater feats!

Whether you are a hardcore Olympic Weightlifting enthusiast looking to learn new skills, or a CrossFitter looking to enhance your capability, or just someone looking to get in shape or start a new journey in fitness and health & wellness - this 13-week program will set you on a new path of superior athletic performance in weightlifting!

Join us on this new and exciting adventure into Chinese Weightlifting!

Learn Chinese Weightlifting Methods

Ever wondered what techniques the world's greatest Olympic Weightlifters use in training? Through this 13-week program you will learn the very foundations every great lifter uses to win gold medals and set new world records. From the world-renowned Panda Pull to gearing up for a new Snatch or C&J PR - you will learn to move and train like a pro!

Feedback from Professional Coaches

Not just a "personal trainer" - Coach Gaby and Coach Tan have world-class experience in training from regional and national level Olympic Weightlifting programs and training centers. They provide world-class feedback and critique on athlete's technique at all levels of experience in order to ensure athlete health & wellness and success!

Set New PR's

If you have hit a plateau or slowed progress recently, this 13-week program can be a key to unlocking your true potential by exposing you to new methods and programming to help address an athlete's performance 360-degrees. This course won't just offer you variety from your regular programming, but will actively teach you how to move more efficiently and create more power as a result.

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Learn Chinese Olympic Weightlifting

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