Hi, athletes, struggling with knee pain that hinders your performance?
Then this challenge is designed just for you!

4-Day Knee Rescue Challenge

Achieve 100% athletic potential with zero pain.

If you’re looking to say goodbye to knee pain, you’re in luck. I'm introducing a high-praised program that has helped 400+ clients to solve their issues: the "4-Day Knee Rescue Challenge." 
Skip the expensive therapies and massages. In just five days, you'll discover:

  • Significant Improvement after each training session
  • ​The exact exercises that helped me overcome my knee pain.
  • ​Techniques to instantly improve your squat depth.
  • ​Insights into the root cause of your knee pain.
  • ​Ways to enhance ankle flexibility.
  • ​A roadmap to achieve 100% athletic potential with zero pain.

From Sep 12 to Sep 16 

Quick effect

Home workout

No endless stretching

No tedious foam-rolling

Detailed Tutorial Videos

Easy to combine

Quick effect

Home workout

Easy to combine

Haven't you Suffered from Knee Pain for Long Time?

You tried everything you can do, and just didn't work;
Or you follow the movements from social media, practice them every single day.
It helped but when you stopped training, the pain just came back again and again;
You know there's something wrong, but no one can really help you out!

Join Our Challenge & Discover the 4 Secrets to Get Rid of Knee Pain 

Secret #1

Why do you suffer from Knee Pain? - The pain came from Misalignment

Secret #2

The Movement that saved my Knee Pain and helped me regain my lower body alignment

Secret #3

Ultimate Training Routine for Hip & Feet based on Body Alignment Training 

Secret #4

The secret for optimized, pain-free training and long-lasting happiness.

Secret #1

Why do you suffer from knee pain? - The pain came from Misalignment

Secret #2

The Movement that saved my Knee Pain and helped me regain my lower body alignment

Secret #3 

Ultimate Training Routine for Hip & Feet based on Body Alignment Training 

Secret #4

The secret for optimized, pain-free training and long-lasting happiness.


About Us

Coach Gaby

Founder of Body Alignment Training (BAT), an innovative methodology that has successfully alleviated pain and enhanced physical performance for over 3,000 clients, both online and offline. As an internationally acclaimed expert in Chinese-style Olympic weightlifting and the mind behind Venus Weightlifting, she brings a complementary depth of expertise to her BAT approach. Recognised as one of the most popular olympic weightlifting coaches worldwide, Gaby has conducted seminars globally, disseminating her unique blend of knowledge and techniques to a diverse audience.

A Whole New Opportunity

Body Alignment Training

Welcome to the future of holistic training: Body Alignment Training (BAT), a groundbreaking approach that redefines what's possible in physical well-being. Blending age-old wisdom from Chinese Medicine and Taoism with the precision and power of Chinese martial arts, BAT transcends traditional limitations and offers a holistic pathway to optimal health and performance.

But don't just take our word for it—this revolutionary training methodology has been put to the test by 697 clients in our online programs, helping them eliminate body pain and reclaim their lives. Isn't it time you joined them in breaking through your own boundaries? Experience the BAT difference today, and discover a new level of health and vitality that you never thought possible.


Money Back Guarantee: If you don't see any improvement after following our program, we promise A FULL REFUND!


 Day 1 (Sep 12): Knee Pain Killer

The Ultimate Lower Body Alignment Training That Saved My Knees


 Day 2 (Sep 13): Ultimate Hip Mobility Routine

Achieve 'Ass to Grass' Mobility Without The Need For Foam-Rolling Or Stretching

$57 (Value)

 Day 3 (Sep 14): Mastermind 

Understanding Lower Body Pain Caused by Misalignment

$97 (Value)

 Day 4 (Sep 15): Ankle Mobility Booster

Enhance Ankle Flexibility & Strength, Providing You With A More Stable Base And Improved Squatting Ability.

$37 (Value)

 Bonus Day (Sep 16): Gaby's Live Session

Unleashing 100% Potential with Zero Pain

$97 (Value)

 Additional Resources: E-book

The Secret of Chinese Weightlifting

$35 (Value)

 Video Coaching

How to Engage Your Core in Squatting

$27 (Value)




What Others Are Saying About BAT

"I was surprised how much difference I felt after the BAT! My right knee felt kind of strained when I did air squats, but now it's much better. After BAT I was not shifting side to side like I used to do. Excited to notice some changes already!"

- Alaina A

I felt great today Gaby! My right Ankle seems to getting better since I'm doing the BAT of last week.
My knees are most of the times pain free just when I jump a lot I have 1/10 of pain on my patella but 0 pain on my MCL.
I was soooo happy too today, I'm so grateful I would like to hug you hahahaha.

- Matteo B

"Would 100% recommend Gaby's coaching after going through it. I was today years old when I learned how to rebuild my squat and lifts. She successfully pointed out what was causing all my back pain in my lifts. LOVE the wellness-based approach to lifting for longevity and seeing how this translates to performance as well.

- Cassie L

"Been implementing the ATG exercises for a little while now, and I feel my hip mobility opening a lot more."

- Elijah A

"I was slow on the turnover and my right wrist was in a little pain after. Usually I would stretch it back and forth, but I tried a little of what you taught in the videos and it stopped hurting immediately! Amazing! Thank you!!"

- Coco C

"I had an old injury in my left shoulder, and it had always bothered me during training. No physio or chiropractor was able to resolve my issue. I didn't expect an online program could help, but Gaby did!! I get impressed that BAT has been making difference since day one. I will definitely keep on with BAT."

- John G

"I feel much better physically. The pain in my left hand and shoulder had decreased a lot. I feel more comfortable and fluid when I snatch and clean. Thank you for your EXCELLENT work!"

- Omar A



Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free

If you don's see any improvement after following our programs, we promise a FULL REFUND!

- Gaby Q

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4-Day Knee Rescue Challenge

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