Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership
  • Are you suffering from chronic training pain or totally trapped in the cycle of "train-injury-recovery"?
  • Are you spending tons of money on physiotherapy, but the pain will just come back again and again after you start to train?
  • Are you wondering if there's something you are not doing right but just don't know how to change?
  • Can you imagine if one day you will be training happily with complete confidence and without the bother of chronic pain?

And If there's a Brand New Opportunity that can really help you out, would you like to give it a try?

Stay in the vicious circle, or change into the rising spiral?

With everything I do, I hope to:

  • Help you PR after a long time of plateau;
  • Reduce chronic pain to enable you to train with confidence;
  • Bring Longevity to your training life;
  • Contribute to you becoming a happier person.

2 ways of subscription, and you can cancel anytime:
Yearly Subscription - 199.9/month
Monthly Subscription - 249.9/month

Your Transition Journey

As a Platinum Member, you will have:

  • Your customized training program;
  • All coaching needed for your improvement;
  • Regular assessments to track your progress;
  • Body alignment training catalog;
  • Our mastermind webinar;
  • Free access to all our online activities;
  • More importantly, a whole new training experience with a better body.


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