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In 2023, we have organized in total of 16 oversea seminars or workshops, with more than 200 participants during half year. And now we are excited to plan our next Europe Tour in 2024 (powered by LUXIAOJUN_EUSHOP)!

If you are a CrossFit box or weightlifting facility looking to host a Venus Weightlifting Seminar, indicate your interest below by end of Nov and we’ll get in touch! 

Agenda (May-July, 2024) 

  • May 11-12: Portugal/Spain
  • May 18-19: France
  • May 25-26: Switzerland
  • June 1-2: Bulgium/Nethelands/Luxemberg
  • June 8-9: Germany/Poland
  • June 15-16: Italy/Czech Republic/Hungarian/Greece
  • June 22-23: Sweden/Norway/Denmark
  • June 29-30: UK
  • July 6-7: Ireland


@Kiowa Weightlifting

2023 Apr, Oregon, USA

@CrossFit LocoOcho

2023 Apr, California, USA

@Fitness Academy

2023 May, HK, China

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Singapore Vlog

2023 Jun, Singapore


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