Meet, Venus Weightlifting Club

Venus Weightlifting Club was founded by Coach Gaby in 2015 as the first Olympic Weightlifting gym in China. Since then, Coach Gaby has established Venus Weightlifting Club as the premiere lifting club in China, teaching local athletes the best in Chinese techniques for Olympic Weightlifting.

Now, Coach Gaby is bringing VWC to the rest of the world! You can now benefit from Coach Gaby's teachings without being in Shanghai, China. You can bring Coach Gaby with you to your home gym, your local gym, or simply learn while sitting on the couch - so long as you have an internet connection, you can begin to improve your technique with Coach Gaby!

Coach Gaby standing in front of bright pink ADIDAS screen with wooden dowel.
Coach Gaby @ ADIDAS Venus Weightlifting Invitational in 2017

Coach Gaby

  • One of the most renowned Olympic Weightlifting coaches in China
  • Trained Olympic Weightlifting with the Chinese National Weightlifting Team
  • Creator of the Venus Weightlifting System


Looking to get in contact with Coach Gaby and Venus Weightlifting Club? You can find us across social media or send us Email:

Instagram - @venus_weightlifting
Facebook - venusweightlifting
TikTok - venusweightlifting
Twitter - @Official_VWC
YouTube - Gaby Q - Venus Weightlifting
WeChat - venusweightliftingc

Or you can visit us in person in Shanghai, China!

The Original Venus Weightlifting Club - Shanghai, China

Coach Gaby, Deng Wei, and VWC members posing for photo at VWC Shanghai.
Come by Venus Weightlifting Club in Shanghai to say 'Hi!' and train with Coach Gaby!

No 751, Lingling Road
Xu Hui District
Shanghai, China

Welcome to Venus Weightlifting Club

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Venus Weightlifting Club

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