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Train Like A Human Before You Train Like An Athlete.


Integrate Body Alignment Training With Weightlifting & Accelerate Your Progress.


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WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS: Help you PR after a long time of plateau; Reduce chronic pain to enable you to train with confidence; Bring Longevity to your training life; Contribute to you becoming a happier person.








Webinars & Live Classes

Here's Everything You Get

  • ​Remote BAT Coaching ($499/month)
  • ​Gaby's Team Support for Lifetime ($??? Priceless)
  • ​Monthly Mastermind Webinar on Training or BAT ($99/month)
  • ​Extensive BAT instructional video library ($997/month)
  • ​BAT-method Training Support ($299/month)
  • ​BAT-method Life Support ($299/month)
  • ​1-on-1 Assessment X 4($198/12 weeks

TOTAL VALUE: $16141/year


A Whole New Opportunity

Body Alignment Training

Welcome to the future of holistic training: Body Alignment Training (BAT), a groundbreaking approach that redefines what's possible in physical well-being. Blending age-old wisdom from Chinese Medicine and Taoism with the precision and power of Chinese martial arts, BAT transcends traditional limitations and offers a holistic pathway to optimal health and performance.

But don't just take our word for it—this revolutionary training methodology has been put to the test by our clients in our online programs, helping them eliminate body pain and reclaim their lives. Isn't it time you joined them in breaking through your own boundaries? Experience the BAT difference today, and discover a new level of health and vitality that you never thought possible.


Customer Testimonials

What Our Client Are Saying About Us

Cass L - CrossFitter

"I enjoyed being coached by someone as knowledgeable and innovative as Gaby!"

I started with the Platinum Membership with Venus Weightlifting and was able to break a long plateau in my lifting! I love how Gabby gives very precise cues and guidance after observing my lifts, and was surprised by the amount of resources that they have. Watching the online webinars and other explanatory videos not only helped guide me through my training, but helped me to understand how I could lift better. I enjoyed being coached by someone as knowledgeable and innovative as Gaby!

Alaina A - Weightlifter

"My favorite part is that the pain I used to experience during and after workouts is gone"

I had been lifting for about 5 years before joining the Venus Platinum community. Learning from Gaby has significantly increased my body awareness and understanding of the connection between my body alignment and lifting movement.  I continue to be amazed by Gaby’s coaching eye that identifies my specific weaknesses, and then the thoughtfulness and creativeness of the exercises provided to address my needs. A lot of these exercises actually have nothing to do with a barbell, but the effect on my lifting technique has been dramatic! 

Matteo B - CrossFit Coach

"My knees are most of the times pain free"

My right Ankle seems to getting better since I'm doing the BAT of last week, I combine that with the inner thighs work and the internal rotation one and everything seems to work just great. My shoulders and chest start to get more mobile and I can get into a much more comfortable position on the squat. My knees are most of the times pain free just when I jump a lot I have 1/10 of pain on my patella but 0 pain on my MCL. I'm so grateful I would like to hug you hahahaha.


Lifting weights is like driving a car.

Two essential factors must be considered for driving fast and safely:

1. A skilled driver - representing your technique.
2. A well-equipped vehicle - symbolizing your physical setup.

No matter how exceptional your driving skills may be, even if you are as skilled as Michael Schumacher, you won't be able to outperform a Formula 1 car with a Honda Civic. Therefore, for a weightlifter, focusing on improving your physical condition is just as crucial as enhancing your vehicle's performance when working to improve your driving skills. You need to cultivate both the skill and physical capacity to perform excellently in training.

From Coach Gaby

Train Like A Human Before You Train Like An Athlete!