Welcome to Venus Weightlifting Club!

Coach Gaby posing with a wooden training dowel at ADIDAS Venus Weightlifting Invitational (2017).
Welcome to Venus Weightlifting Club!

We would like to give everyone a very big and warm welcome to our new club website! We have been putting a lot of time and effort into making the Venus Weightlifting Club a place for all weightlifters around the world. This means a better website with better access to Coach Gaby and the growing crew here at VWC, but also better and more accessible content across social platforms.

Our Mission - Share Chinese Weightlifting with the World

Our mission is quite clear - to help everyone improve their weightlifting performance through Chinese weightlifting techniques! We want to ensure that athletes of all levels around the world are able to enjoy the sport we all love and cherish so much. We also want to ensure that everyone can do this pain-free and reach new heights in their weightlifting careers.

In support of this mission, the China Weightlifting Association (CWA), the official sanctioning body for all weightlifting related activities in China, has designated VWC as an official partner in promoting and expanding Olympic weightlifting.

Join Us on Our Journey!

To achieve these goals, we have made our new website (and social platforms) a place where members can join and gather from all corners of the globe! By signing up on the website currently, you will be notified of new content and opportunities here at VWC. In the future as we grow and develop VWC around the world, we will begin to offer more benefits to members...but more about that later...

Coach Gaby, Deng Wei, and VWC members posing at VWC Shanghai.
Come join VWC on our journey to create the best weightlifters in the world!

Welcome to Venus Weightlifting Club

Learn Chinese Olympic Weightlifting

Venus Weightlifting Club

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